Active Team

  • wizard_alfredo

    crypto, hardware
    I like the sun and hacking printers.

  • ex0dea

    forensics, misc
    Basically the best stego player in Europe atm.

  • sAsPeCt

    pwn, web
    The definition of a wonder kid. CEO of sascorp.

  • un1c0rn

    pwn, web, reversing
    A CTF machine that realeases a new House every day before his morning coffee. Works for saspect.

  • Ckrielle

    crypto, reversing
    Actor, violin player, jack of all trades.

  • karamuz

    forensics, misc
    Runs strings on pcap files and knows all the networing protocols.

  • verdic

    reversing, hardware
    Knows how to reverse VMs faster than sonic runs.

  • fanky

    The reason we solve web challenges every now and then.

  • Rikoss

    blockchain, programming, (incoming) crypto
    Kept him around for the occasional misc, chess, and his humor. Now he’s here to solve every blockchain we meet. So not much has changed honestly. His top 3 discord dms are wizard ckrielle and sem1tonos so he can learn crypto and be useful.

Playing for fun with us

  • Shad3

    pwn, reversing
    I play ΚΤΣΕ (κοινά τρωτά σημεία και εκθέσεις) but not CTFs

  • sem1tonos

    crypto, reversing
    The definition of an academic crypto guy.

  • m68k

    devops, reversing
    Amiga Boomer hacks before we were all born.

404 Not Found

  • DM_Snipe

    OG that thinks that NYU degree > CTFs

  • papadope

    OG that created and hasn’t spoken to us since.